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Case: Video Storytel 16% higher brand awareness

It’s no longer a secret that effective creatives are key in a successful campaign. While creative testing of the end result is increasingly commonplace, testing and data collection in the concept phase is still a neglected child. To show the added value of data from the beginning of the process, KICK! Creative Agency and Validators, the mother company of Creative Testing Platform, are working closely together on a new online video for audiobooks provider Storytel.

Storytel wanted to respond to the most relevant moments of use of its (potential) listeners. That was a good starting point. KICK! provided footage of these moments and then we asked respondents to rank them. Popular moments turned out to be ‘before going to sleep’, ‘while traveling’ and ‘on vacation’. In addition, preference was often given to the visual of someone who was on the road. We took these two as the starting point for the video.

KICK! took this data and quickly produced a video. This was then tested by Validators. ValueFlow was used for this, an online tool that charted the emotional appreciation of the scenes. The choice for the moments from the first survey turned out to pay off, because the video was immediately well appreciated. And not unimportantly, thanks to a split in the target group, it became clear that especially the group that was interested in listening to audiobooks on the road appreciated the video. So a bull’s eye! Validators recommended a number of optimizations that could convey the brand and message even better.

At Storytel, the final video was received positively and the video turned out to achieve significantly higher brand awareness (+16%) than previous videos. This also proves that creatives and researchers are absolutely no strangers to each other. In fact, the opposite is true!

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