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Validators introduced the label Creative Testing Platform at MIE’23

During the Marketing Information Event (MIE) on May 9 and 10, Validators introduced the label Creative Testing Platform. The platform consists of five unique tools that are made available to everyone. Creative Testing Platform offers endless possibilities for testing creations, with the support of experts. Market research is undergoing an important transition in which the relationships between clients and agencies are becoming more fluid. With Creative Testing Platform, Validators now meets the new needs in the market. Under the guise of democratizing the data, Validators is making an important innovation in the market with a different way-of-working and a unique platform that will change the collaboration with brands, media agencies, advertising agencies, science in optimizing all types of creations.

Endless possibilities in testing is a win-win for everyone
A start was made with this innovation in 2018, more than 20,000 development hours later, this is the result: endlessly doing everything! The Creative Testing Platform enables users to test all possible variants in communication with the five different tools. Experts help users make the right choices when setting up the test. Users can test endlessly for a fixed amount per month. Even with a limited budget or a slightly too tight deadline, testing a creation is now possible.

Scientifically validated
All tools have been scientifically validated and are also used in projects by Validators themselves. In the coming months, the platform will undergo several innovations and even more methods will become available, including the Voice Analytics presented at the MIE.
Martin Leeflang, CEO Validators: ‘Since 2018, Erik Prins and I have been busy making all the tools we have developed in-house accessible to third parties. Various international agencies, brands and educational institutions are now using the platform. We are very much looking forward to the opportunities that arise in this way to build even more sustainable partnerships with our customers.”

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