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Case: How Eneco boosted the effectiveness of their TV campaign

Jerry Krom, Senior Market Researcher at Eneco, used the Creative Testing Platform to test two different versions of a TV commercial. And guess what? It gave them really useful insights quickly, efficiently, and without breaking the bank. Let’s hear what he thinks.

Getting things done fast and feeling sure about it
“We were looking for a solution to test two variants of a commercial. But we had to deal with tight timings from an advertising agency – the shooting of the commercial was already planned. A quick run-through of the creative test was very relevant this time.”

Discovery of a game-changing solution
“Creative Testing Platform came my way when they were still pioneering. In fact, I believe that the entire offer was not yet complete, but it was immediately interesting. It met the need for rapid testing with the relevant tools at a relatively low cost. So, I thought: ‘We have to do something with that!'”

Choosing the most effective commercial
“To communicate as effectively as possible, we presented two variants to our target group to see which one performed best. In this way, we ensured that we chose the most effective option. The creative test had to be completed before the weekend, and it succeeded. The results were very concrete. That gave us the opportunity to make a choice between the two variants. In addition, the ValueFlow tool provides insight into which scenes are attractive for our target group and which are not. The advantage is that Creative Testing Platform has a benchmark, which makes it even more attractive to use the platform.”

“It is a typical example of a study for which a large project with a lot of consulting felt too heavy, but where a compact test could really make the difference for our process and budget.”

To assess the effectiveness of their TV commercials, Eneco employed the innovative tool ValueFlow. ValueFlow provides insight into the emotional response to creative material at a millisecond level, allowing for effective optimization. Seamlessly integrated into an online survey, ValueFlow works combined with traditional questions, encompassing brand recall, message retention, call-to-action effectiveness, and more. By synergizing the intuitive ValueFlow experiment with explicit survey questions, Eneco gained a holistic understanding of how consumers perceived the two analyzed commercials and were able to choose the best one.

This was their final choice, by the way:

Added value
“I also see a lot of added value in things for which we do not yet set up tests, for example in content or radio commercials. We don’t do that very often separately, but this solution lowers the threshold in the concept phase. It is a very accessible method of testing. And it’s handy to have a set of different tools ‘in my backpack,’ so I can pull them out when they’re needed immediately.”

To wrap it up:
Eneco’s collaboration with the Creative Testing Platform showed off how quick and affordable it is to do tests and get useful insights. By using this solution, Eneco tested two different ad versions and felt really sure about their final choice. With ValueFlow, they can keep trying out new materials and concepts and stay ahead in their fast and competitive market.

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