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6 months of Creative Testing Platform


In May 2023, Validators introduced what they call the Creative Testing Platform. Brands, media companies, research firms, and advertising agencies can now test their creative ideas at a competitive price. Martin Leeflang, CEO of Validators, explained, “Our intrinsic motivation has always been to share our knowledge and research methods with others.”

According to Leeflang, market research is undergoing a significant transformation, making the relationships between clients and agencies more interactive and in-depth. With the Creative Testing Platform, the agency aligns itself with the new market demands.

Democratizing Data

In the Dutch marketing and advertising industry, there’s a lot of testing based on (neuro)sciences. Validators currently test one out of every ten TV commercials produced by Dutch brands. In total, the agency investigates up to 700 cases annually. Their goal is always to make marketing measurable and manageable, so senders can learn the impact on recipients. Validators serve 130 international clients and have already developed eighteen in-house tools with more in the pipeline.

The introduction of the new testing platform democratizes the use of data. Leeflang said, “This is a significant innovation in the market with an entirely different way of working. After five years of research and over 20,000 hours of development, we can offer the technology and software that clients can integrate into their own infrastructure. The biggest challenge was making the project scalable and ensuring that various systems can communicate with each other. What’s interesting is that agencies and brands can collect their own data and enrich it with ours or data from other external sources. We’re putting the marketer in control.”

Five Tools

The Creative Testing Platform empowers users to test all conceivable variations in communication using the five tools developed by Validators: ValueFlow, EmotionFlow, EyeCoding, FunnelFlow, or QuestionFlow. Experts assist users in setting up the test correctly. For a fixed fee ranging from 120 to 480 euros, users can test endlessly, with the option of expert and consultant assistance. “The possibilities are endless, and that’s the beauty of it. Even with a limited budget or a tight deadline, testing creativity is now possible,” Leeflang emphasized. All the tools are scientifically validated, ISO-certified, and used by Validators themselves in projects. In the coming months, the platform will continue to innovate, with additional methods like Voice Analytics on the horizon.

Accessible Methods for Everyone

The big question is, why launch such a platform? Doesn’t this potentially render your research agency obsolete? Leeflang clarifies, “Our intrinsic motivation has always been to make research methods and the software for it accessible to everyone. It may sound idealistic, but it’s not. We’re particularly excited about the opportunities that arise to build even more sustainable partnerships with our clients. Don’t forget that marketers are already conducting a significant amount of their research, about 40% of all research. With this platform, we can further support them. The advantage of conducting research themselves is that it brings more focus on the content and its outcomes. As a market research agency, we can guide marketers and creatives as professional consultants.”

Leeflang also points out that such a platform is an inevitable development. “If we don’t do it, others will. We’d rather maintain control and deepen our relationships with our clients. Marketers also want to keep data they’ve collected in-house, and this platform facilitates that.”

The Creative Testing Platform was introduced in May 2023 and is already active in the Netherlands, Chile, Belgium, and Slovenia. According to Leeflang, they are in talks with numerous parties. Leeflang adds, “It’s a step-by-step process. We haven’t launched a major marketing campaign yet and are currently focused on learning experiences and how we can make improvements in collaboration with current clients. People need to get used to the idea, but don’t underestimate it; it’s already a big success. In just a few months, we have projects running in multiple countries alongside the Netherlands. The world is now our market.”

Want to learn more and try it out yourself? Send an email to Martin Leeflang for a personal introduction.


This artikel was written by Sjaak Hoogkamer of Marketing Tribune.