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Discovering Viewer Preferences: InSitu’s In-depth Analysis of Evening TV



Launching a product can be challenging for businesses, and the same goes for TV channels that want to deliver relevant shows to their audience. That’s why understanding viewers and their preferences is crucial before the product launch. 

Insitu, a leading Chile-based research and consulting agency, facilitates this challenge by leveraging consumer insights to inform decision-making prior to product launches. Recently, they helped a major Chilean TV channel understand viewers’ preferences for after-school or after-work TV content. 


Client Profile: 

  • Name: In Situ 
  • Location: Chile 
  • Industry: Research Agency 



Insitu aimed to discover audience preferences for weekday afternoon TV shows. The goal was to help their client make effective programming decisions that would maximize viewer engagement. 



To address this challenge, Insitu turned to an online survey as the perfect solution. Leveraging Creative Testing Platform technology, they designed, built, executed, and analyzed a study to effectively answer the research question: What do viewers want to watch on TV after work or school? 

More specifically, Insitu used: 

  • QuestionFlow (survey software): Made it easy to create an online survey and the data collection and analysis processes. 
  • ValueFlow: Enabled intuitive measurement of viewers’ emotional evaluations regarding different TV show options. 

This approach allowed Insitu to collect enriching data on audience preferences in an easy way. 


The results of this project made it possible to identify “the most attractive content for different audiences, as well as the best times for their exposure. Additionally, it made it possible to correct and optimize the spots with which these programs would be presented to the public, within the channel’s advertising runs.” The data obtained provided valuable insights that empowered the client to make informed decisions. 



Insitu used QuestionFlow, an affordable and easy-to-use survey tool, to simplify the process of collecting and analyzing data. The integration of ValueFlow into online surveys offered a cost-effective means of measuring emotional assessments. 

Insitu is known for being a rigorous, cutting-edge agency, and this case shows how innovative and pragmatic tools help you understand consumers and succeed in making smart marketing decisions. Using the Creative Testing Platform, Insitu was able to get to know consumers and turn that knowledge into actionable insights for their customer. Pablo Subercaseaux, Director of Research at Insitu, said: “The Creative Testing Platform has provided us with comprehensive answers to all of our research questions, being intuitive and easy to use from setting up the study to analyzing the results.” 


Here is an example of how a test with ValueFlow looks like