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Here you will find news, product launches and inspiration and concrete insights to make your creatives even more effective.


Discovering Viewer Preferences: InSitu’s In-depth Analysis of Evening TV

  Summary:  Launching a product can be challenging for businesses, and the same goes for TV channels that want to deliver relevant shows to their audience. That’s why understanding viewers […]

Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Exciting Innovations

As we say bye to 2023, let’s take a moment to check out some awesome innovations that shaped this year. Our users shared thoughts and experiences, helping make our platform […]

Case: ValueFlow analysis Nespresso commercial ‘The Quest’

Nespresso is a brand that carefully crafts the emotional experience in its commercials. A recurring distinctive brand asset is George Clooney, consistently bringing a positive uplift to the overall experience. […]

6 months of Creative Testing Platform

  In May 2023, Validators introduced what they call the Creative Testing Platform. Brands, media companies, research firms, and advertising agencies can now test their creative ideas at a competitive […]

Case: Learning from the Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial, 4 Practical Tips for Your Creative

When you’ve got Oscar-winner Taika Waititi at the creative helm, anticipate some serious impact for your Christmas ad. Coca-Cola executed this flawlessly, kicking off the holiday season with a potent […]

Case: Joinby Elevates User Experience with FunnelFlow

Joinby is your go-to app for crafting a social community haven, where diverse groups connect with ease. Currently, the app’s spotlight shines on schools, universities, and local communities. As a […]

Case: How Eneco boosted the effectiveness of their TV campaign

Jerry Krom, Senior Market Researcher at Eneco, used the Creative Testing Platform to test two different versions of a TV commercial. And guess what? It gave them really useful insights […]

Media Industry Bias causes Barbie to advertise T-Mobile and EasyToys

“99.9% of the time people don’t give a sh*t about your brand,” said Adam Ferrier, founder and consumer psychologist of Australian agency Thinkerbell. Because where we ‘professional idiots’ spend a […]

Validators introduced the label Creative Testing Platform at MIE’23

During the Marketing Information Event (MIE) on May 9 and 10, Validators introduced the label Creative Testing Platform. The platform consists of five unique tools that are made available to […]

Case: How a viral expression can achieve 147% more brand recall for KitKat

Some time ago, Creative Strategist Sam Hennig’s KitKat creation went completely viral on social media. Even Nestlé was charmed by his creation. Sam designed an ad for KitKat in response […]

Case: Say cheese(burger); can McDonald’s claim a smile as a brand asset?

Although the campaign is not shown on TV in the Netherlands, the whole of Marketing land applauded McDonald’s latest international campaign in January ‘23. And that while it clearly breaks […]

Case: Video Storytel 16% higher brand awareness

It’s no longer a secret that effective creatives are key in a successful campaign. While creative testing of the end result is increasingly commonplace, testing and data collection in the […]

Creative Testing Platform is a label of Validators.